hi, i’m byte!

i make games, write software, create music, design electronics, write blog posts, and more. here is where you can read about all the stuff i do (when i remember to write about it), plus tutorials and probably some rants about stuff.

current projects

this used to be where i showed off the stuff i was currently working on, but it got outdated quickly, and the list of things i’m working on is always changing, so with this site redesign i’m just gonna leave this blank for now. i also had links to a patreon and stuff but right now i don’t really want people giving me money for doing essentially nothing.

latest post

2024 in Preview: An Anterospective

it’s the last day of 2023 and i’ve seen a lot of people posting retrospectives about the past year, and i think that’s a good thing. it’s good to reflect on the past so you can live your future a little better. but i’m too cool for that, and also 2023 was pretty mediocre and uninteresting for me and frankly most of it feels like it barely happened, so instead I’m going to write an Anterospective for 2024, which is like a retrospective but in reverse, where i predict what the future holds.

no this isn’t a new years resolution it’s totally different. shut up.

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